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About Mrs. Taylor

My name is Rebecca Taylor. I am a clinical laboratory specialist in molecular biology, a former homeschooling mom, and an all-around science geek. (Check out my geeky t-shirt collection!)

I graduated magna cum laude with a degree in biochemistry from the University of San Francisco and have worked in research, clinical, manufacturing, and forensic labs during my lab career. I am currently a lab manager in a quality control lab for a manufacturing company. It is my job to make sure the name-brand, over-the-counter products you and your family use are safe and effective.

In the middle of my career, I left the lab and began to homeschool my four kids. I also started teaching high school science to other homeschoolers in my area. I have had as many as 50 students at one time in my courses.

After eight years of teaching homeschoolers high school science, I discovered that my methods work. With only about 35 hours of total instruction, and no test preparation, all of my biology students that have taken our state's Biology End of Course (EOC) exam, have passed it.

I decided to make my materials available to other homeschooling families not in my area. I wanted to create an easy-to-use, flexible and affordable option that was rigorous enough to rise to homeschool expectations. I think I have succeeded.

For only $75 plus tax, you have 12 months of access to all my materials (step-by-step weekly plans, pre-recorded lectures, lecture notes, quizzes, tests, extra labs and answer keys) for your whole family. Parents are in control with all of the answers keys to administer the course themselves. Students can work at their own pace without having to schedule hours of online classes every week.

Other programs that have pre-recorded lectures can cost as much as $500 per student. At TaylorScience the access is for the whole family, not just one student.

My materials are designed to prepare any student to succeed in college. Many of my former students have come back from university and told me they were more than prepared.

All of my courses use the beloved Apologia Exploring Creation texts. Written in plain language with easy-to-perform labs built in, these books are great for independent study.

I am a Christian and so teach from that perspective. Over the years I have taught students of all denominations and so these courses are designed for all faith traditions. While I know it to be an important area of study, I do not spend a lot of time on the intersection of science and religion. I feel that is for parents to discuss with their children. (Whenever there is a clear overlap of the material with religious topics, like evolution, I ask the student to discuss the material with their parents.)

Please enjoy the three week Free Trials available for each of my courses. Decide for yourself if TaylorScience is right for your student and your family!