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Mrs. Taylor's Homeschool Science Classes

Homeschool high school science classes that are easy-to-use, flexible, affordable, and effective.

For only $75 plus tax, TaylorScience gives parents 12 months of access to everything they need to administer high school biology and chemistry at home.

Ask me about pricing for co-ops! Big discounts for classes of 6 or more students.

I am Rebecca Taylor, a former homeschooling mom of four. I taught homeschoolers high school science for nearly a decade. My methods work. My students go on to pass state exams and are prepared for college. I have decided to make my materials available to other homeschooling families.

My courses use the time-tested, easy-to-follow, and affordable Apologia science texts.

My High School Level Biology and Chemistry Courses include:
  • Pre-recorded weekly lectures with printable lecture notes
  • Weekly checklists to keep students on track
  • Weekly quizzes with answer keys
  • Monthly tests with full solutions
  • Extra material not covered in the text book
  • Extra homework problems and solutions
  • Extra experiments
Other online high school science courses can cost as much as $500 per student, and you are forced to follow their schedule.

At TaylorScience, $75 plus tax gives you 12 month access for the whole family. Let your student work at their own pace. Take your vacations when you want to with no need to worry about missing lectures or assignments.

Parents will be given a login that accesses all content including answers keys and solutions. Students will be given a separate login to access only the student course materials.

Take advantage of the Free Trials and try TaylorScience free for three weeks! See if it is right for your student and your family.

Click here to enroll!

Email me: rhtaylor AT taylorscience DOT com