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Free Trial Parent Resources - Chemistry 1st or 2nd Edition

TaylorScience will give you all the tools you need to correct weekly quizzes, monthly tests, and extra homework problems. The following are parent resources for free trials. The parent resources for the full course include the answer keys to my tests assigned every two modules and the solutions to extra practice problems.

Chemistry Parents, one of the reasons my student do so well in college is that I hold them to a high standard. I expect in all their homework, labs, quizzes and tests, they always pay attention to the details.

They must show all their work at all times. There is no mental math in chemistry. Science is a collaborate effort and there is always someone that will review or build on your work. Now is the time to instill good habits regarding complete documentation of work.

Students must have the proper units and significant figures (the right number of digits) in their labs and for every answer in tests, quizzes and homework.

Students should also be courteous and put a box around their final answer to make it easy for you to find.

If any answer does not have the right units or digits, or all work is not shown the answer is WRONG! Please do not let your student cut corners on these details. Now is time to instill good habits that will be invaluable in college. Any chemistry student who has not mastered significant figures and units or does not show all their work will be at a distinct disadvantage in college chemistry where the course work is much more difficult.

The following are parent resources for the 1st or 2nd Edition Chemistry free trial.

Quizzes need to be taken closed-book. I time my students and give them no more than 10 minutes (usually only 5 minutes) to complete each quiz. This helps them develop time management skills that will be useful in college science courses. Each quiz is scheduled for a week after we cover the material. The review helps with retention of the material.

Tests should be taken open book which means students can use their textbook, lecture notes, quizzes, labs and Solution Manual to help them. They cannot get help from another person or the Internet. Because the tests are open book, they are challenging. Tests are scheduled about every month. Having to go back and review previous material helps with retention. I do not have my students take the Apologia tests that come with the textbook, but they would be good practice for any student that took them after every Module.

If you want to print these quiz solutions, it is best to print them with 2 "pages per side" or "panels per page". These options are usually found under the Page Set-Up tab in your Print menu.

Solution for Quiz 1
Solution for Quiz 2