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Biology 2nd Edition: Free Trial Week 3


Click on the checklist to open in your browser and print. Use it to mark your progress throughout the week.

Checklist for Week 3


Take the following closed-book quiz. The answer key is in the Free Trial Parent Resources section.

Quiz 2


Click on the lecture notes to open in your browser. You should print out these notes and have them ready when you watch the lecture. Since there are 20 or more pages per lecture, I recommend printing them with 6 panels per page. For PDF files, in the Print menu box, there is a Page Scaling or Page Set-Up option. If there is a Page Scaling option, choose Multiple Pages per Sheet and an option for the number of pages per sheet will appear. Choose 6 pages per panel. If there is a Page Set Up option choose 6 Pages per Side.

Watch this week's lecture with your notes handy. To view in full screen right click on the video and choose "Go Full Screen." Press Esc to exit Full Screen mode.

Lecture Notes for Module 2

Module 2

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Reading and homework problems for this week. On Your Own problems are found throughout the module with answers at the end of the chapter. Study Guide questions are found at the end of the module with answers in the Solutions Manual. 100+ Series Biology Workbook (Bio Workbook) is a recommended optional text used for extra practice. Homework Videos are educational YouTube videos embedded at the bottom of this page.

Read: pages 37-60

On Your Own Problems: 2.1-2.14

Study Guide: 1-18

Bio Workbook: Bacteria - Typical Monerans (pg. 38)

Homework Videos: see below


Optional: Experiment 2.1 and 2.2

These labs are optional because I find that sometimes the results are poor depending on the water source. Also, it is very difficult to catch Monerans in a home microscope. Most of the time you will find Protista which we will cover in the next module.


Optional: Take the Apologia Test on Module 1 in the test booklet.

Homework Videos

Watch these videos to help you understand Kingdom Monera.


White Blood Cell Chasing Diplococcus:

Binary Fission in Bacillus:

Bacterial Conjugation:

Bacterial Transformation:

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