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Free Trial for Chemistry 1st or 2nd Edition

This is a high school level chemistry course that will take 33 weeks to complete. The age range is 9th grade to 12th grade students who have mastered Algebra I. No prerequisite science is required.

This course is compatible with both the 1st and 2nd Editions of the Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry textbooks. I recommend the 2nd edition. All reading page numbers refer to the 2nd edition text.

Required Materials:
  • Apologia 2nd Ed. Exploring Creation with Chemistry 2-Book Set (Textbook and Solutions Manual)
         (No longer in print but available used)
  • Bound Student Lab Notebook
         (Carbon-copy spiral bound or a ruled, bound composition notebook)
  • Chemistry Equipment Set
         (I use this set from Home Science Tools)
  • Safety Goggles
         (Included in the above chemistry set)
  • Scientific calculator

Recommended Materials:
  • 100+ Series Chemistry Workbook
         (Highly recommended for extra practice and coverage of additional topics)
  • Digital Kitchen Scale
         (One precise to 0.1 grams like this one from Amazon)
  • Chemistry molecular model set
  • Erlenmeyer Flask (200 mL)

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